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Aidi Students Are Enrolled by World-famous Universities









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January 11th 2017   Beijing Aidi School
For the WACE Exam, grade ranking percentage is regarded as a general admission reference for Australian universities, and the highest score is 99.95. More than 80 points means that the grade is higher than 80% of the students taking the exam, and the examinee is already qualified to enroll in the Group of Eight and first-class universities in America, Britain, Canada, and some other countries. In the recently released results of 2016 Exam for WACE, Aidi students achieve good results once again.
About 80% of Aidi students are enrolled by the top eight universities of Australia every year. In addition to Australian universities, Aidi students have successfully applied for the world's top universities, including Columbia University in New York, UC Berkeley, University of Pittsburgh, University of Toronto, University College London, and University of Manchester, by passing the Exam for WACE in recent years.
For Chinese students, the Curriculum for WACE opens a new channel for their future overseas study. WACE is the abbreviation of Western Australia Certificate of Education, and the Exam for WACE is an international exam required for Australian universities. The Curriculum Council of Western Australia, in 2004, conferred the first domestic WACE Exam authorization certificate to Aidi School, authorizing Aidi to offer Australian high school courses taught in English in China, and to become the exam center for WACE. Since then, domestic students do not need to go abroad to take Australian courses or exams anymore.
The Exam for WACE tests content of five courses. The top four scores are recorded as exam results which only account for 50% of the total results, and the remaining 50% come from usual performance assessment of students from multiple perspectives. Unlike the national college entrance exam with a life-determining nature, this form can assess students' true level more objectively and steadily. Based on the weighted calculation of exam results, the percentage of students' grade ranking is gained and used as an admission reference of Australian universities. The highest score is 99.95. This scoring system is reasonable and reliable, avoiding the assessment deviation caused by disunity of subjects’ difficulty levels.
In addition to the more comprehensive exam assessment system, the curriculum system offers students multiplex selections of courses. At present, Aidi’s courses include math courses in three dimensions, physics, chemistry, accounting, management, computer, economy, and so on. Students can choose according to their specialities and development directions.
Perspectives from Some Students Who Got High Scores in the 2016 Exam for WACE
Feng Zhaoyu
WACE Score: 99.75; winner of two Single Subject Awards of Excellence on Mathematical Method
“When preparing for an exam, you should frequently read textbooks and ask your classmates for help. Different viewpoints and opinions will make you understand better.”
Zhao Mingrui
WACE Score: 99.55; winner of two Single Subject Awards of Excellence on Mathematical Method and Mathematics respectively
“In the future, I want to be an engineer or engage in some other scientific research work.”
Dong Junchen
WACE Score: 89.2; winner of the Single Subject Award of Excellence on Mathematical Application
“As to the future, first, I want to set a small goal - smoothly graduating from university. After graduation, I hope to work in a financial company.”
Lv Mingzhi
WACE Score: 99.7
“Now I just want to go to a university that I like and enjoy every day.”
Guo Xinyi
WACE Score: 99.15
“I want to be a lawyer or a legal adviser.”
Sui Donglin
WACE Score: 99.05
“I hope to be engaged in the business of precision agriculture.”
Ouyang Xuecheng
WACE Score: 99.05
“I prefer to do extreme sports, such as wingsuit flying and climbing with hands.”
  1. Efforts of Twelve Years for One Goal
It is worth mentioning that this year three of the six Aidi students who got more than 99 points have been here since Aidi primary school, and have had an Aidi education for twelve years. Zou Jing, Dean of Aidi Australian High School, said: “Every year some Aidi students who have been learning in Aidi School get more than 99 points, and we can obviously notice their advantages in English and expression ability. Besides, their creativity is very strong; they are confident and versatile, and they are the main force of various cultural activities. These children because of earlier contact with international education system, are able to adapt to all-English education faster when they are in Grade 10.”
The idea of custom cultivation has been incorporated in Aidi’s 12-year education system. Aidi Australian High School adopts a mode of stratified teaching to ensure the personal levels of each student can be considered to the highest extent. For the students with strong receptiveness, an all-English teaching mode is used and more knowledge points are supplemented; as for the students whose ability is weaker, Chinese is properly used for support.
In Australia High School, teachers help students to select courses and define future development directions according to their interests and specialties; the teachers believe that study based on personal interest can ensure a proper investment of time and effort. In addition, teachers discover and cultivate students’ interest, encourage them to study through various kinds of activities, arouse their enthusiasm, and expand their horizons. For example, when it comes to the free trade agreement in the business course, teachers will organize students to attend the Australian Chamber of Commerce and learn the latest policies related from representatives of the chamber of commerce and relevant government agency staff, helping students have a more profound understanding of the knowledge points. Every year teachers also organize students to participate in all kinds of international competitions held in Australia, Canada, Britain, and other countries, and such subjects as mathematics, physics and chemistry are involved. This allows students to consolidate and strengthen their professional knowledge on a bigger platform.
  1. Rise Through Profound Knowledge & Forge Ahead
Since it was set, Aidi’s Curriculum for WACE has accumulated rich resources in such aspects as scholarships, and faculty and curriculum systems after years of development. Currently, there are seven marking officers for the WACE Exam in Aidi Australian High School. Being selected as a marking officer not only means a high quality and rich experience in teaching, but also reflects the overall strength of the school. In recent years, the number of Aidi students who got more than 99 points has greatly increased, and the overall grade distribution has showed a trend of rise, which comes from the school’s many years of experience and hard work.
With over 10 years of experience in teaching math, Mr. Yu Jiang has been acting as a marking officer for the WACE math exam since 2012, and is one of Aidi’s seven marking officers for the WACE Exam. He said: “The resources we use come from many regions, including VIC, NSW, Queensland, and South Australia. Aidi teachers especially pay attention to expanding their repository, so compared to local high schools of Australia, Aidi School can still guarantee the abundance of resources on the premise of short history. In addition, the accumulation of teaching experience makes teachers of Australian High School give students more targeted guidance and control students' learning pace.”
As for international education, there are no directionally-trained teachers and special teaching materials currently so the overall experience accumulation and inheritance of an institution is critical. With decades of accumulation, Aidi Australian High School boasts precious advantages over training and management of teachers, as well as the curriculum continuity of all grades of high school.
Students at the age of 18 should begin to open their arms to embrace the world. The Exam for WACE is a gateway to the world. We sincerely hope that children can take off from Aidi's platform and fly higher and further in the future.

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